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No other vending services provider in Los Angeles offering the scale of products and services carried by VSI Vending Services!

Traditional Vending

A traditional vending program is where the customer or employee pays for the total cost of each item. This is the standard arrangement you’ve likely come to expect from a vending offering.

Subsidized Vending

With our subsidized vending arrangement, the employer pays for a portion of the product costs so employees can enjoy a lower purchase price.

Free Vending

Today’s consumers are less and less cash oriented. That’s why we provide vending machines with cashless payment options, accepting credit cards, debit cards and mobile phone transactions.

Office Coffee Service

Our office coffee service can be engaged on a standalone basis or added to any of our other vending agreements. We offer a wide range of quality coffees and brewing equipment to keep your people in the office and energized, rather than having to visit a local off-site shop or kiosk.

Water Filtration Service

Great as a standalone service or in conjunction with an office coffee offering, our water filtration units can help you achieve better tasting water with very little effort and investment.

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